lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Changing my Life

HI, how are you? Me, well it's been so long since I wrote in here that I feel a little embarrassed.
To tell you the truth, I've been having so many troubles in my life that I forgot about my blog.
First, my dad's health isn't very well; he needs a transplant. Secondly, my studies aren't as good as I wish. Finally, my boss just when crazy!
However, not all is bad. I had my room painted in green and bought a super big bed!!!!!!!!!!
I felt in love with someone who doesn't love me, but well I'll still like him secretly.
The most important change in my daily life is that I'm part of an organization called AIESEC.
For all of you that may read this you should check them out:
Well, nice writing again.
See you soon,

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Mariana dijo...

Silchu, por suerte no hay mal que dure 100 años y siempre las cosas mejoran. Te mando un megabeso colega! Y a ver si nos vemos de nuevo algún congreso. (El año que viene es el latinoamericano acá en Capital, me gané el ingreso en un evento de la AATI, así que si venís nos veremos).

Silvina Garcia dijo...

Buenísimo, aunque estoy viendo de irme al exterior el año que viene :P. Si no me sale me voy al congreso de UNA, estás en capital? Avisame asi nos encontramos cuando vaya!

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