lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011


Hi there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to talk about Calle 13's show.
It was sooooooo awesome.....
They played a great medley of all their songs till now.
Rene is such a great performer, PG 13 sings beautifully, and VISITANTE is a fantastic musician!!!!
All the band played really well.
They can touch one's heart. In the song "Latinoamérica", I almost cried.
Well that's all. Good Luck.


sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

A horrible week

Hello there! How are you?
How can I begin?
Well, as always my job is becoming more and more annoying. I've been keeping so many things inside that I don't longer enjoy giving classes in that institution.
In relation to love, I'm going even worse than work. The guy I like doesn't like me, so you can imagine how I feel.
But not all is bad: I lost weight, 5 k. I'm going to Calle 13 tonight. It's the moment to dance and shake all the problems. After that, I have a party and I'm seeing one of my best friends :).
So that's my update for this week.
See you soon,

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

While listening to Sidney Bechet....

Hello there, as some of you may know Habemus Reelection.... Cristina Fernandez is now the reelected President of Argentina.
But today I don't wanna talk about anything in particular. I found an old piece of paper with some random lines and I had the need to show it. It's in Spanish, so if you are an English speaker you may not understand.
Sos y serás siempre uno más;
todo los que digas se olvidará;
todo los que intentes rozar,
jamás será capaz de captar
lo que intentas realizar.
Sos y serás aquél
que se encuentra sentado,
que se encuentra olvidado,
que vive en el misterio
de ser recordado.
Pero es casi inevitable,
casi imposible ser
más en el montón
sólo acepta que ser invisible
es tu mejor camino
para alcanzar lo deseado.
Ríndete al terrible mandato
que te indica como ser.
Ríndete al cansador modo
de ser amoldado.
O lucha, lucha por ser
escuchado, visto, amado.
Porqué quien dice,
capaz luchando logres ser

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Una oportunidad para empezar a Emprender!

Hola a todos, hoy me toca hablar en español para contarles de algo muy bueno que va a pasar en Córdoba.
AIESEC realizará por tercer año consecutivo la famosas Jornada Management. Este año tiene por temática Emprendimientos Sustentables.
Como nos tiene acostumbrado, esta jornada nos ofrece la oportunidad de empezar a entender lo que significa generar empresas responsables en la sociedad.
El costo es bastante accesible a sólo $20, incluye materiales y certificados.
La fecha es el jueves 27 de octubre, y comienza a partir de las 9:00 a.m..
Acá les paso el flyer correspondiente.
Si se encuentras interesados mandenme un mail y les consigo las entradas.

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Oh YEAH! US VISA!!!!!!!!!!

As you may infer, I got my US Visa for 10 long years!
I'm not really travelling any time soon, but I least I have the chance to travel any time I want now!
I'm not sure where I want to go, so any suggestions are welcome!
Although I'm really happy about this, my day today has been and will be quite exhausting. I'm having a new student only one month before the school year is ended, which is kind of a crazy thing, isn't it?
Well, the thing is that this student want to learn as much English grammar as possible and I don't find that possible; however, I'll do my best.
I'm also having EXAMS, which drives me crazy. Specially because this exam I'm taking on Saturday it's like a nightmare.
I wanted to start this all over again, so start checking it out once again.

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Changing my Life

HI, how are you? Me, well it's been so long since I wrote in here that I feel a little embarrassed.
To tell you the truth, I've been having so many troubles in my life that I forgot about my blog.
First, my dad's health isn't very well; he needs a transplant. Secondly, my studies aren't as good as I wish. Finally, my boss just when crazy!
However, not all is bad. I had my room painted in green and bought a super big bed!!!!!!!!!!
I felt in love with someone who doesn't love me, but well I'll still like him secretly.
The most important change in my daily life is that I'm part of an organization called AIESEC.
For all of you that may read this you should check them out:
Well, nice writing again.
See you soon,