jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Oh YEAH! US VISA!!!!!!!!!!

As you may infer, I got my US Visa for 10 long years!
I'm not really travelling any time soon, but I least I have the chance to travel any time I want now!
I'm not sure where I want to go, so any suggestions are welcome!
Although I'm really happy about this, my day today has been and will be quite exhausting. I'm having a new student only one month before the school year is ended, which is kind of a crazy thing, isn't it?
Well, the thing is that this student want to learn as much English grammar as possible and I don't find that possible; however, I'll do my best.
I'm also having EXAMS, which drives me crazy. Specially because this exam I'm taking on Saturday it's like a nightmare.
I wanted to start this all over again, so start checking it out once again.

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Mariana dijo...

Grosa!!! New York New York Sil!!!!

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